Plenty of Press Trips for Liverpool

Press Trips Liverpool

Over the past few weeks Marketing Liverpool has been working to bring a range of high-profile, international press trips to the city.

As part of the Liverpool 2018 campaign, journalists from across Europe were targeted and invited to explore the city region’s culture, food, music, sport and nightlife. Some gazed in wonder at the Terracotta Warriors and the beauty of Crosby beach. Others raved about the food on Bold Street and enjoyed nights out in the Baltic Triangle. Meanwhile, we tried to act natural while being filmed eating fish and chips for French national TV.

Some of the visits over the last couple of weeks include a group of 11 national journalists from Germany, Switzerland and Austria, Dutch national newspaper De Telegraaf, Chinese social media influencers with millions of followers and Bell’Europa, an influential Italian monthly travel magazine.

We’ve also welcomed a couple of film crews – La Quotidienne, a French daytime TV show, came to put together a feature on ‘5 reasons to visit Liverpool’ (one of which was those fish and chips) and Kilimangaro, an Italian TV show focused on the cultural side of things.

All of the visits were arranged and planned by Marketing Liverpool to show off the city region on an international stage in this crucially busy year.

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