The Liverpool Brand: Our Brand Anatomy | October 2018

The Liverpool Brand: What is it & why does it matter so much now?

The Liverpool Brand Anatomy project was designed to promote discussion over whether the city region is being presented to the world the right way.

The report is the result of a project that the Heseltine Institute from the University of Liverpool undertook for Marketing Liverpool. The project was designed to promote discussion amongst key organisations and the private sector in the city about the important but elusive concept of the Liverpool brand. It was intended to be a point of departure not the end of the journey. This short report presents the findings of our consultation so far. It discusses the key questions the study raised and the answers that emerged. It ends with a recommendation that private and public partners in Liverpool should recognise the importance of the issue and try to develop a shared narrative brand about Liverpool that should inform the efforts of all organisations to promote their own productsand reputations. The journey should continue.

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Brand Anatomy